When it comes to the financial health of your real estate accounting firm. You need to an accountant, who is not only qualified but also someone you can trust. We carry professional liability insurance, E&O (Errors and Omission) insurance, and employee dishonesty coverage. Today many real estate accounting firms outsource all the functions of a business that is not directly related to the generation income. This reduces the cost of non-core functions. Firms already outsourced legal works, advertising, computer services, payroll processing and more. This allows a firm to benefit from professional expertise without increasing overhead. Instead of being satisfied with just basic bookkeeping. Go beyond and obtain a complete financial picture of your business. We provide insight and recommendations and to help you make better business decisions.

Bookkeeping and Accounting training for your onsite staff is provided as needed. They follow the real estate accounting principles. Is your current bookkeeper too busy or not experienced enough to step back and look at the firms’ larger financial picture? As an owner, you need to understand your financial situation without getting lost in the technical details.

Real Estate Bookkeeping Experts

We provide insights and advice to help increase your profits. Our monthly real estate accounting packages are flexible. Every business is unique with different needs. You can outsource as little or as much of the bookkeeping/accounting work to us as you need.  Either way, a CPA will have financial oversight and review everything prior to submission.

With a CPA providing oversight on a regular basis, year-end real estate accounting and taxation work are reduced which results in lower accounting fees, lower tax preparation fees and a faster turnaround in preparing your tax returns. Hiring a bookkeeper to handle the accounting tasks on site is one solution – but may not be the best solution.

Many business owners aren’t in the position to interview, less train and manage the bookkeeping staff primarily. Because their bookkeeper likely knows more about it than they do. However, the benefits of having a bookkeeper, who is current on accounting software, accounting rules, and reporting methods. It will make a big difference in the quality of their work.

Partner with us – a CPA firm with extensive experience in Real Estate Business.